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Cu Yun Wan plays major role in regulating the endocrine. Improve the function of the female reproductive system. Improve the reproductive system immunity against infection from pathogenic organisms. Regulate the female endocrine, induce normal ovulation into the egg follicles to stimulate and improve the luteal phase. Promote blood circulation, dissolving tubal adhesions to promote tubal smoothness. Enhanced uterine oxygen supply, improve the implantation rate. Nourishing blood to regulate menstruation.

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• Irregular Menstruation
• Amenorrhea
• Dysmenorrheal
• Infertility caused by the spleen deficiency and blood stasis, less blood and blood clot
• Lower abdomen cold and pain during menstrual period
• Particularly for infertility.

Health Function:
1. Warming kidney
2. Strong spleen
3. Regulate menstruation
4. Regulation of the endocrine
5. Enhance female reproductive system function
6. Improve immunity
7. Effectively resist the reproductive system pathogenic organisms infection
8. Active female normal ovulation
9. Stimulate the follicles to develop into eggs
10. Improves the progesterone function
11. The complete elimination of habitual abortion
12. Promote blood circulation
13. Dissolving tubal adhesion
14. Unblock blocked fallopian tubes
15. Increase the Oxygen supply for the uterus
16. Improve the fertilized egg implantation rate.

If it is taken for female infertility, please starting on the 5th day of menstrual cycle, then take for 20 days every month.
The normal conceiving rate is about 25%, therefore, Cun Yun Wan need to be taken at least 3-6 months to see the result.
It contains 100% herbs, no side effects to health.