CALHEALTHYLIVING.COM is a multi-Level Marketing organization that markets herbal health care products to people in need of tested and trusted products for prevention of diseases and curing of ailments. CALHEALTHYLIVING.COM also markets herbal skin and hair treatment formula, herbal tea and balm, vitamins, food supplements as well as health testing and correction machines that could be used indoors for intensive care patients.
CALHEALTHYLIVING.COM products are manufactured through the Traditional Chinese Medicine and bio-technology techniques. The use of herbal treatment for various diseases and ailments is holistic in approach, in the sense that rather attack the disease, the herbs attack the causes of these diseases thereby killing the root, and most importantly, without any side effect. This technique has been in existence for over 5000 years and has been approved by the relevant standardization agency.
In addition to distribution and marketing of herbal health care products, CALHEALTHYLIVING.COM operates a treatment clinic, Life Support and Diagnostic Centre. The treatment makes use of Chinese herbal health care products due to its efficacy. Our medical teams were trained in Hong Kong and are experts in the administration of the Traditional Chinese Medicine for treatment of Acupuncture and various diseases.
CALHEALTHYLIVING.COM is powered by Codry Associates Limited, a company registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria under the Company and Allied Matters Act of 1990. The company has vested interest in delivery of quality herbal products that has been proven to prevent and cure various ailments which has defied treatment using western health products. The company’s head office is located in Onitsha, the commercial hub of the South-East region with offices in Hong Kong and South Africa. The Company has been distributing health care products and machines for over twenty years and still counting.
Welcome on board! You can register as a distributor and make monthly income on your transaction apart from income from direct selling, or you can register as a sales representative and make extra bonus for your sales, payable at the maturity of the bonus threshold. You could also register with our distributors and sales representatives as resellers and enjoy the same benefits but, which shall be subject to your direct selling and network expansion initiatives. Better still, as a buyer online; your orders will be attended to with much gusto and dispatch, while payment of products shall be on delivery, no story. We only recognize one customer…that is YOU!

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